Uncommon Reliability in a Common Platform

New Generation REMUS Platform: What’s ‘under the hood’?

Core, proven technology is the backbone of Hydroid’s REMUS line of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) and has shaped the company’s reputation for unmatched reliability and performance. The legacy technology, originally developed at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1991, is the key building block for the New Generation REMUS platform that comes standard in Hydroid UUVs today. 

The REMUS Platform: It’s what’s ‘under the hood’

New Generation REMUS Platform technology is the same ‘under the hood’ for every REMUS vehicle.It is designed for modularity and manufacturability and is scalable across all Hydroid UUVs, regardless of size.  With a common platform architecture, it paves the way for consistent performance and results in a streamlined user experience.  

A Look Further as to What's Inside

Open Architecture Software Framework

  • Modular, Open System Architecture (MOSA)
  • Allows for higher-level autonomy options
  • New sensors can be more easily integrated into the system without making modifications to the core vehicle control software
  • Command and control of the payload sensors such as side scan sonar is moved to the payload processor
  • Publish-subscribe interface between components using ROS allows for a more modifiable and extensible platform
  • Front seat performs control functions using proprietary controlled software
  • Back seat performs mission tasks using applications from Hydroid or third parties

Advanced Core Electronics

  • New motherboard, CPU stack, emergency board and 6 serial cards
  • Smaller and lighter
  • ARM +FPGA Architecture consumes less than 5W of power and results in efficiency increasing by 75%
  • Reduces Wiring, improves power management
  • Consolidation to one module allows for easier access

Flexible Navigation Suite

  • Modular section with choice of INS

Power Management and Energy Options

  • 18650 Li-Ion Battery Packs

Standard Communications

  • WHOI Micro-modem 2.0 for Acoustic Communications
  • Iridium, WiFi and GPS Options
  • Gigabit Ethernet Connection

Scalable Across All Classes of UUVs

We can scale the New Generation REMUS Platform across all diameter and depth-rated variants

  • REMUS 100: Small Class, Scalable 7.5-10 inch Diameter
  • REMUS 600: Medium Class, Scalable 10-21 inch Diameter
  • REMUS 1000: Large Class, Scalable 21+ inch Diameter

Reduced Total Ownership Costs

  • With UUVs that range in size, depth rating and payload capacity, a single common platform reduces training costs and streamlines operations
  • Open Architecture facilitates lower development costs and lifecycle costs

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