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(December 28, 2016) Diving drones are mining the ocean depths for data – and they could soon predict the weather

Navy Live
(December 14, 2016) Modernizing the Navy’s Mine Hunting Platforms

Southern Maryland Online
(November 3, 2016) Local Navy Contract Awards

(November 2, 2016) Unmanned and underneath: Stay in the know about underwater drones

(October 31, 2016) Navy Seeking Unmanned Underwater Advances To Field Today, To Inform Next Generation Sub Design In 2020s

Product Design & Development
(October 18, 2016) Croatian Navy Receives Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

New Atlas
(October 17, 2016) Unmanned Warrior puts the future of marine warfare to the test

Defense World
(October 15, 2016) Royal Navy Demonstrates REMUS 600 UUV At 'Unmanned Warrior 16'

Cape Cod Times
(September 18, 2016) WHOI scientists tracking leatherbacks capitalize on moment

Marine Technology News
(September 12, 2016) Hydroid Announces REMUS Software Updates

Second Line of Defense
(September 7, 2016) On the Cusp of an Undersea Revolution: Shaping New Ways to Deal with the Threat from Mines

(August 24, 2016) Board Recommends Further Use Of Autonomy In Sea Control, Support Of Ground Troops

Marine Technology News
(August 18, 2016) MTR100: Hydroid

(July 4, 2016) Curiosity and High-tech Sonar Uncover Lost WWII Torpedo Bomber 72 Years Later

(June 28, 2016) Graduate’s engineering work featured on Shark Week

R&D Mag
(February 29, 2016) Robots Help Scientists Understand Ocean Biodiversity

New Atlas
(February 24, 2016) Underwater robot can make its own snap decisions

(February 3, 2016) Office N99 shows growing power of unmanned vehicles

Hydro International
(January 25, 2016) Unmanned Vehicles and Vessels in the Spotlight

Military & Aerospace Electronics
(January 19, 2016) Hydroid to ramp-up production of MK 18 Kingfish unmanned underwater vehicle

(July 27, 2015) US Navy Tests REMUS 600 UUV

Defense World
(July 25, 2015) US Navy Tests REMUS 600 Underwater Drone From Submarine

Celeb Café
(July 25, 2015) Groton based submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for US Navy

Spitnik News
(July 24, 2015) Warfare Expansion: US Navy Launches Underwater Drone From Submarine

In Homeland Security
(July 24, 2015) Expanding Underwater Military Force: Unmanned Undersea Vehicles

The Diplomat
(July 24, 2015) Confirmed: US Navy Launches Underwater Drone From Sub
(July 23, 2015) U.S. Submarine Launches Undersea Drone in a 1st for US Navy

(July 22, 2015) U.S. Navy Unveils First Undersea Drone That Can Be Used As Weapon

(July 21, 2015) New Navy Sub Successfully Deploys Umanned Underwater Vehicle

The Daily Mail UK
(July 21, 2015) Forget missiles, US Navy reveals nuclear submarine that can launch underwater DRONES

(July 21, 2015) US Navy trials undersea drone in Mediterranean Sea

The Register UK
(July 21, 2015) Rise of the swimming machines: US sub launches and recovers a drone

Japan Times
(July 21, 2015) U.S. Navy sub launches, recovers undersea drone

Defense One
(July 21, 2015) Arming recruiters; Bibi disses Ash; Antimatter and the Iran deal; Cuba wants Gitmo back; Evolving ISIS; And a bit more.

Vessel Finder
(July 21, 2015) US Navy Submarine successfully launches and recovers undersea drone

New Haven Register
(July 21, 2015) US Navy launches first underwater drone; submarine 

The Day (New London, CT)
(July 20, 2015) Navy deploys first underwater drone from USS North Dakota

The Associated Press
(July 20, 2015) Submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for US Navy

Seattle Times
(July 20, 2015) Submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for US Navy

Hartford Courant
(July 20, 2015) Submarine Launches Undersea Drone In A First For US Navy

Washington Times
(July 20, 2015) Submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for U.S. Navy

Detroit News
(July 20, 2015) Submarine launches undersea drone in 1st for U.S. Navy

Military Times
(July 20, 2015) Submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for Navy

Daily Mail
(July 20, 2015) Submarine launches undersea drone in a 1st for US Navy

(July 5, 2015) Dining Playbook: Learn More About Cape Cod At Ocean Science Exhibit Center

National Post
(July 3, 2015) Shark Week 2015 begins Sunday: We’ll soon know if Discovery executives have seen the error of their histrionic way